Saturday, November 28, 2015


You start out as Adventurers in typical RPGs, right? Classless beginners who run around doing whatever they can to get experience. Eventually, you become more specialized, and decide on a path and build to choose. You work hard to perfect the right stats, the right abilities, and the right combos as you improve and advance. In short, you go from being just an adventurer to becoming a true Knight.

Knights are interesting. They rely on vaguely the same advantage engines that Adventurers do (they share the same trait as well) but they've got their own thing going on. Namely two Items equipped. And a whole lot of really stupid boosts from having two Items equipped. That's actually the entire deck. Kill people with two weapons.

Flash Lance, Blitz Tiger
Savage Lance, Eisen Tiger
Two weapons...but how? You equip them one at a time. First is Blitz Tiger, a 4000/1 weapon with Penetrate (not shabby). If you have Blitz Tiger equipped, you can then equip an Eisen Tiger alongside it. Eisen Tiger is a 3000/2 weapon, typical, but costs 1 life to equip. When they're together is when the real show starts. Blitz Tiger gets +4000 power alongisde Eisen Tiger, and Eisen Tiger gets +1 crit alongside its brother. They both can attack independently or together, just like how dual-wielding would work in normal RPGs. Essentially you're getting a 8000/1 Penetrate and a 3000/3 smack for 1 gauge and 1 life without taking up field space. Pretty cool.

Baptism Knight, Kamil
I'll dunk you into water
If this was the entirety of the Knights gameplay, the archetype would be whatever. But every monster augments this crazy dual-wield fantasy to the point where the deck has obvious off and on moments. You get both weapons out, you good. You lose them, you sad.

Baptism Knight, Kamil helps you feel less sad. When he comes into play, if you already have 1 Item equipped you can freely search for another Knight Item. Which is amazing, since Item destruction usually only targets 1 Item. Kamil also has another effect that allows you to +1 gauge if he attacks and you have 2 Items equipped. In other words, he pays for his 1 gauge call cost, meaning the searching for another Item +1 is free. Kamil is a +1 best case, and helps you get to that best case.

Revolution Knight, Rebellious
Yeah I'm a rebel
Almost the exact opposite of Kamil, Revolution Knight, Rebellious focuses on your opponent. He also comes in for 1 gauge, but all his effects are destruction. You can destroy a Size 1 if you have 1 Item, and additionally a Size 2 if you have 2 Items. So you see how quickly this deck can swing things in your favor. The difference between having Items and not is felt throughout the entire deck.

The rest of the deck should be filled with Adventurer cards that can supplement the Knight's strategies. Since neither Knight really interacts with Knight-trait monsters, you can safely put as many non-Knight Adventurer cards and synergies without messing anything up (don't be restricted to just the new stuff added this set!).

All the loot
I'm not sure you should be rewarded for losing but umm I guess Bushiroad thinks you should. So when you lose a Knight you can gain life while getting any Knight monster you want back from your dropzone. Fair. Okay, I guess it could be worse. It could allow you to salvage Items. That would be a nightmare.

Rebellious comes in for destruction, Kamil is for getting cards. We round out the trio with Shadow Break Knight, Leonid. He's the aggressive member, gaining Penetrate and then Double Attack depending on how many Items you have equipped. Between the three, I think Kamil is definitely the most important with Leonid being a tech in mainboard and Rebellious in the side for specific matchups.

- updated to H-BT04, CP01, H-EB04, H-TD02, H-PP01 -

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  1. Odd, No mention of Ruu? The 4/2/1 that with the Knight Item becomes a 7/2/1 which is amazing.

    1. Very little to talk about there lol. And generally, since your deck is still mostly Adventurers you still want to double-down on the good stuff like Tets and Messiah, meaning that vanillas generally will get lower priority and be mainly used as fill or if power is relevant.

    2. just making sure, thought it be more useful due to the clearing power on a S1 in a deck that can get a Knight Item so easily

  2. Purge Knight, Vlad Dracula is interesting a size 2 with 8k atk and 7k defense, starts with zero crit but gains +1 for each Different adventurer monster in the drop, it makes running 1-ofs more appealing to gain a lot of crits, but consistent decks want sets of tetsuya and probably full sets of the good knights too. i guess he has good clearing power even with no crit tho. his crit has no limit tho, and using him with the impact or tetsuya at 4+ crit could be a game ender for sure.

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