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The League of Arthur (Overview)

This is where legends are born.

Legend WorldLegend World is by far the most versatile world created, being able to draw from a vast pool of myths and legends to base their cards on. From Greek to Norse, Roman and more, Legend World's most appealing aspect is the fact that who knows what archetypes they may have in the future. Chinese? Japanese? Indian? The possibilities are endless - and exciting. I mean, they debuted with 3 archetypes, which is one more than every other world thus far. Besides the amazing diversity and variety, Legend World also sports incredible gauge engines that fuel their heavy spell lineup - costly but powerful. They also have amazing weapon choices that are able to adapt to any situation.

There are many archetypes of Legend World, including Wydar Sarkal, Heroes, Asgard, Olympus, Star, and Fairy.

While the different races of Legend all work well only with each other, they all rely on the same set of spells. First and foremost is the trifecta of spells, the three "Gard" spells. This is like Buddyfight's Trinity Force - one for draw, one for control, and one for protection.

Symbel Gard
Cheers! Kanpai!
First is Symbel Gard, the really expensive one. At first glance, it's an Abyss Symphony clone. Or we could say that Abyssal Symphony is a Symbel Gard clone, whichever sounds better. Basically Survival Chance with Life Break 6 instead of 5, which means you can cast it slightly earlier. People are hyping this card slightly too much. Survival Chance isn't that good, and this card isn't that much better than Survival Chance. In some cases, a Grimoire clone would even be more welcome. But at least Legend World has this option, and its a welcome card to the spell arsenal. Especially considering that apart from this, Legend World's hand advantage options are limited.

Symbel Gard becomes free if you have a Breathen Gard in your drop, but its not like the 1 gauge was killing you in the first place.

Breathen Gard
This reminds me of
Dark Energy
Personally, Breathen Gard is much, much better as a spell and a part of Legend World's kit. Being the third true spell negate and the fourth spell negater available, Breathen Gard doesn't do much to stand out compared to the others. In fact, Demon Way, Sakurafubuki is considered the best spell negater because paying from life is always more flexible than gauge.

But what Breathen Gard gets that the other spell negates don't! Legend World has a ton of really powerful monsters with high crit and link attack bonuses. When you combine that with the ability to pop one of your opponent's shields/negates just like that, and you've created a sure-win situation. Not to mention that gauge comes ridiculously easily for Legend.

Additionally, you have the flexibility of destroying a problematic Set spell and returning it into your hand if you have Berserk Gard and pay 2 gauge and drop 1 card. Not that you're going to use any of those that often, but it's an option. There's that cute thing when you destroy Gleipnir with this, but you have to realize that its going to be a -2 to destroy it, usually not worth it.

The last Gard card is Berserk Gard. It's slightly weaker than either the Hero counter or the Wydar Sarkal counter, but it has no restrictions to attribute and it can be returned to hand by dropping a card and paying 2 gauge, as long as Symbel Gard is in the drop. Not that you want to do that, per se. Luckily, you don't really need to run Berserk since you don't really want the second effect of Breathen Gard anyways.

Great Spell, Thunder of Zeus
Lightning bolt! Lightning
bolt! Aaand...lightning
We'll likely get more Great Spell support in the future, but for now, the only Great Spell we have apart from Ragnarok is Thunder of Zeus. Cost-wise, Thunder of Zeus is even more expensive than Ragnarok. 3 gauge, 1 card, and life: including the spell itself, a grand total of -4. In return, you can destroy all monsters 4000 defense or lower on your opponent's field (+1-3) and deal 2 direct damage (+1.5). Which means that unless you destroy 3 monsters with Thunder of Zeus, the spell is a minus. That's kinda depressing.

Legend World has a great selection of weapons, many of them bound together by the effect Equipment Change. Equipment Change allows you to swap weapons without losing anything, meaning that you can adapt your playstyle to the situation easily. Instead of equipping a weapon and being stuck with it for the rest of the game, you can tailor your move with the weapon you hold, like a real warrior with an inventory of gear. It's a really cool concept and one that I'm very excited about. Do note, Equipment Change affects the weapon you're already equipping and not the weapon you're going to equip. For example, if you Equip Change Durandal over Rune Staff, then Rune Staff returns to your hand by Durandal's effect. If you equip Rune Staff over Durandal, Durandal goes to the drop.

Immortal Sword, Durandal
You wish your iPhones
were like me
Speaking of Durandal, this weapon is a majorly cool one. It has no cost and 6000/1, which means that strictly speaking it's about fairly costed from 3000/2 but the fact that you can clear at the 6000 power level for free is amazing. To top it off, it has both Equipment Change and the ability to not be destroyed by opponent's card effects. Pretty good for a free weapon. I'll ignore the fact that it can be your buddy because that's just weird. It has little to no effect on the actual game save searchability from Merlin, and it's just there to be aesthetically pleasing.

Divine Protection, Prydwen
Pride when?
What's much more interesting to look at is Prydwen. This shield has the continuous trigger ability to reduce any damage taken by 2 for 2 gauge, which is always a nice option to have, especially with so much gauge in Legend World. But that's not the interesting thing. The interesting thing is the Counter equip. By virtue of Bushiroad's counter mechanics, counter step occurs before the resolution of your opponent's abilities/effects and by virtue of Bushiroad's equip mechanics, Prydwen should be equipped standing. Which means that A. Prydwen's counter equip allows you to save a weapon from targeted destruction and B. you can use Prydwen's counter equip to get off an extra attack. How? Attack with your weapon first, counter equip Prydwen and attack with Prydwen. Yes, I know Prydwen has 0 power but that extra attack can trigger link attack benefits that the Heroes benefit from. I don't know if Bushiroad intended this to be an option for Prydwen but unless they address it it's legal.

Power of Mythology
I have three floating
heads on my side
In order for Ainsel's Damage Rebound to be worth it, you would need to be taking 4 damage or about 3 direct damage. And you can't block Impact damage, which is where most of that damage would be coming from. But killing your opponent with it must be so funny.

Bad wash. Good anti-dragon card. Much crit.

Rune Staff gives you endless gauge as well as slightly cheaper Great Spell casts. I can imagine this card becoming really good once more Great Spells are released. Thankfully, it seems that Great Spells aren't relegated to Asgard/Norse mythology only, so I'm expecting some crazy awesome effects down the road.

Has anybody ever played Druid from Hearthstone? Power of Mythology would definitely be a card that Druid would have. With 2 gauge and the spell (-2), you can choose from any of the following effects: all monsters gain +5000 (+.67 per monster), give a monster Penetrate (+0.5 per critical), and nullifying an attack (average +1-1.5). As you can see, Power of Mythology is usually a minus. But its super good because you can choose how you minus in what situation. Minuses are only minuses if you don't gain from the situation, and Power of Mythology makes sure that you can get exactly what you need, when you need it. It capitalizes on what I can "opportunity minuses" in favor of getting the upper hand and making the most of the situation.

Divine Armor, Aegis
Athena's regalia
My favorite Legend World weapon has been saved for the last. Divine Armor, Aegis starts off by looking completely badass. It then goes on to give 5000/2 for 1 gauge, which is a fair trade in all advantage regards. But on top of that, Divine Armor, Aegis reduces all effect damage by 1. Penetrate, Spectral Strike, and even Impact cards all do less damage. That's incredible. It's a hard counter to Spectral Strike and really hurts strong burn cards like Yamigarasu and Addrick. While it doesn't have Equipment Change, it's a solid choice to add to any Legend World deck.

All you scrubs that say that Devil Stigma is good...this is what good looks like. Oswira Gard stars off a new set of Rune spells for Legend World. Read the card as: get a free gauge whenever my monster dies, also cycle this card out for another usable card. Same +0.5, but in resources that you actually need and can immediately put to use. Unfortunately, Sulizers Gard is less useful but it's technically fairly costed, also better than Dragonic Dash so there's that.

Divine Spear, Gugnir
Pierce the heavens
Divine Spear, Gugnir more or less replaces both Hrunting and Durandal for your go-to weapon choice. Before, you needed to alternate between the two to get the best of damage and clear...but now they're all in one weapon, alongside Penetrate. The downside to the free 5000/2 weapon is that you take 1 damage at the beginning of your turn, but you can circumvent that by Counter changing to Prydwen during your opponent's turn.

The Godjenesis. 6 gauge. Needs every trait available to Legend World. Deck refresh and deal 6 damage. Normally you'd pass this as utterly ridiculous but with both Zlatarog and Odd Bird, Harpy you might actually be able to pull it off...

Great Spell, Weiterstadt
Alright, that's enough
Wydar Sarkal-attribute spell, Great Spell, Weiterstadt. This is such a cool trap card. After your opponent attacks once, you can pay 2 gauge and 2 life to immediately stop your opponent's attack phase. Super legit, especially if that was your opponent's final turn. It's funny to see the Purgatory Knight's 6-attack turn fizzle after the first attack, only to be countered by a Dullahan 6-attack retaliation. Just desserts.

Algis Gard is that spell that rewards players who play lots of Rune cards with a +0.5 to gauge while cycling through the deck. Note that Rune Staff is also a Rune so if you want to go ham on this strat you should run that too. Honestly, this combo might work with Godjenesis and other super gauge-heavy decks.

- updated to H-BT02, CP01, H-EB02, H-TD02, PP01 -

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  1. Excellent overview of Legend World. I too love equipment change, when I saw that in the anime I immediately wanted to build Legend World just to have the opportunity to use it, haha. And I reeled at the comment you made about Prydwen, I never thought that you could use it to proc off link attack effects even though it has 0 power. And yes, Aegis pisses off Spectral Strikers very much, but I was able to overpower my friend's Wyder Sarkal deck 3 out of 5 matches. I look forward to your in-depth review of Darkness Dragon World as well as Heroes/Knights of the Round Table deck, cheers sir!

  2. Blaise what are the Gauge Engines you are talking about? I already know about Rune Staff, what are the others?

    1. My next set of articles will discuss it, but Zlatarog is a big one.

  3. Could you go in depth on equipment change and how it can be used during battle?