Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Hope of Campanella (Overview)

Star Dragon World
Bushiroad wants ALL the dragons, apparently, because not even two Dragon Worlds and three more Dragon-based archetypes was enough to sate that company's insane Dragon fetish. Behold, the stars are the limits for their zeal and lust for more and more winged reptilian creatures, because Star Dragon World is here.

Star Dragon World at its base seems to be similar to Dragon World, but the spell support is vastly different. For starters, they have quite an impressive hand engine in various forms while lacking in destruction effects. Instead, Star Dragon World seems to be more control and advantage based, relying on combo effects to retain field presence and power.

Star Dragon World relies on the Neodragons, supported by their Dragonarms, to defend the future of tomorrow.

Sudden Wormhole
Spacial relationships?
Quick overview of cards from the TD that you need in your deck: Plastic Memories (Grimoire clone), Speculight Ring (Dragoenergy clone), Shining Rain (spell negate), and Proto Barrier (Blue Dragon fake clone).

Sudden Wormhole has a lot of potential and shows off what kind of control Star Dragon World can sport. The first effect allows you to essentially salvage any Size 2 or less monster (you have to play it immediately so it's a bit constricting) for only 1 gauge. The second effect gives you the ability to counter call any Size 1 and possibly negate attacks.

Barracal Barret is a lot more expensive than the same kind of cards in other worlds (see Hidden Crossbow) but it goes to show that Star Dragon World isn't focused on this kind of effect. Also Earth Barrier is Green Dragon Shield fake clone. When I say fake clone, I'm referring to their inability to guard your monsters when your center is open (although they can be used against Shadow Dive when your center is closed).

Buddy Allstars gives Star Dragon World the first of many interesting item choices compared to the dull ones we had before. Cosmo Saber, Gold Ritter sounds like it's meant for Jack decks (and it is, by virtue of every good SDW deck being a Jack deck). But it works with most Star Dragon World philosophies. If there are three or more souls in the soul of all cards on your field (including monsters, set spells, etc.) it becomes a 5000/4 weapon for only 1 gauge, a huge win. Extra copies of the sword can be ditched for copies of Jackknife monsters, similar to Jackknife Braveheart. So it has a lot of functionality and is generally your go-to option.

Space Elevator allows you to seed your next draw. Since this card is a strict minus (-1) there's no real reason to play it, but it does allow all the monsters that get soul from topdeck to guarantee something really nice.

Hey look, it's Tracking! You might think that paying 1 gauge to cycle is a bad idea, but Fate Information is actually quite good. The reasons being (a) you get to choose from a number of choices instead of simply drawing and (b) you get to fuel your drop zone very quickly with the cards you chose not to choose. There's always a chance you miss, but if you built your deck well then the chance should be pretty slim (hint: SDW spells are bad). I think the biggest boon to Fate Information is that it doesn't specify Neodragon, Dragonarms, or anything. You can grab any Size 2 or lower monster you have, even if it's Generic, or any item.

Swingby Smash is a potential 4 damage if you can get Gold Ritter to hit, making it the best card-for-damage option in SDW.

This is totally from the future, but Cosmic Evolution has some crazy possible synergies with Impact monsters. Don't be afraid to experiment.

F O O L I S H B U R I A L.

Spectrum Body seems to be an interesting idea, allowing you to recover spent Neodragons and monsters that you just drop for value, (like the one that draws on-play).

- updated to H-BT04, CP01, H-EB04, H-TD02, H-PP01 -

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  1. *Star Dragon World Overview*

    And no monster reviews, nor any word on Radiant Punisher. Too short? :P

    1. To be fair Radiant Punisher is basically Gargantua and is therefore not very interesting to talk about. And overviews are spent on Spells and Items, anyway.

  2. They fixed Dragonic Punisher to be good now though for another world. Remember how it demanded so much more but gave the player a less powerful gargantua punisher

    1. Radiant Punisher is kinda like Dragonic Punisher with Gargantua Punisher combined. With their conditions I mean. Pay life, pay gauge, 4 life or less, centers must be open with a Size 2 or greater Neodragon on the field.