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Superheroes. What every kid aspires to be, looks up to, and believes in. Even debased thinkers, mentally clouded in darkness like Emiya Shirou (bless his future soul) can find some semblance of hope and solace in these people, these bright figures. Now it's your turn to be a hero, to take up the mantle and wave that banner high. Are you ready to Transform?

Transform is the basis of how Superheroes work. You literally don a skintight suit and become the thing that you equip. For some reason, all the Superheroes you can become are all pretty good, having better defensive powers than Brave Machines. Weird. You'd think a robot would be more sturdier than...rubber? Anyways, Superheroes also tend to help each other out and work together, so you'll find that a lot of them have synergistic effects and support each other for a greater combination effect.

Working together and Transforming to meet every challenge, Superheroes will never give up and never let evil win.

Captain Answer
A. B. C. D. Long ago, the
four multiple choices lived
together in harmony
Let's start with Captain Answer. He's a 5000/2/4000 Size 2 that you can Transform for 2 gauge. If you think about it, since a 5000/2 weapon usually costs 1 gauge, you're given that extra 4000 defense for another gauge, which is a huge bonus. And what's this, he's got another Act ability attached? Once per turn, you can pay 1 gauge; if you do, guess monster or spell (please don't guess Item) and mill the top card of your deck. If you're correct, Captain Answer gets Double Attack, no matter where he is (Item or monster). That's pretty good. Good deck awareness goes a long way to being able to grab some amazing advantage from Double Attack.

Never, ever Transform into this guy.

Three gauge is a pretty hefty investment for a chance at missing Double Attack (first turn), and if your opponent happens to pack any Counter weapon removal, let's just say that you've dug yourself quite a hole. Granted, Hyper Energy makes gauge not that big of an issue but there's probably better investments if you're not interested in dumping major gauge into a major risk/(not even that) major reward scenario. You have better Transform options, and Captain Answer does his job plenty well on the field rather than on your flag. Save your wallet and look towards better choices for Transform.

Martian UFO, Takosuke
The alien, a reporter and
not the report
But what if you don't want to Transform? You can actually Ride a Superhero too! It's Takosuke time~! Takochuu costs 1 gauge to Ride, and his stats are actually 1 crit lower than what they're supposed to be (there's a 4000/2/2000 Transform in the TD). So that ability better be worth it - and it sure is. You can only activate it while Ride: pay 1 gauge, then declare a card name. Check your opponent's hand for that card; if it's there, you can deal 2 direct damage to your opponent. Okay, so you take a permanent -0.5 and a per-turn -0.5 for the possibility of a +1.5 every turn. So if you can guarantee it even once, you're able to pay off Takochuu immediately. Against some opponents - specifically Dragon World players, you can basically win the game by calling Boomerang Dragon turn after turn. Against other worlds, this is a good way to check what's in your opponent's hand once - and then if they don't play it the next turn, you know it's in their hand. Being able to consistently slam 2 damage into your opponent's face while knowing exactly what's in their hand is pretty sweet.

Rescue Dragon Mach Braver
Stop! In the name of
More good cards. Rescue Dragon Mach Braver is very similar to Street Racer, Eligos. For Mach Braver, you can play 1 gauge and call him to your center during your opponent's attack - you also can change the attack target, just like Eligos. Mach Braver doesn't have an ability to return if it's destroyed, but it does have some pretty decent defense for a Size 1. 4000 is nothing to scoff at, and you have the chance to completely render a 3000 or less power attack completely useless. It's also a Size 1 with Move. Talk about being able to do everything at once.

Ninth Warrior, Nine
So there's actually at
least nine?
Besides Takochuu, you have other really stellar options for a Transform/Ride target as well. Rampage Sonic is a 5000/3/3000 weapon for only 1 gauge. Seriously? That's so over-statted it's not even funny, already way better than Captain Answer by a long shot (1000 less defense, 1 more crit, 1 less gauge). Ninth Warrior, Nine is another worthy object of consideration. 1 gauge for 3000/1/3000, which is slightly undervalued, but then you can attack through any Quartet Five you have in the center. In other words, it's just Star Bow for the same cost and an additional 3000 defense. At least for the Quartet Five legion.

Speaking of Quartet Five, they're the first legion to debut in the new Hero World. Most of their cards are vanillas, but you know how good vanillas are in Hero World, so it's not disadvantageous at all to run them. Quartet Five actually transcends the Superhero archetype with Brave Machine members as well, so there's a pretty decent chance it'll get its own article in the future. In the meantime, just understand that there's also a pretty good Quartet Five Size 3 and a spell that trades itself for a Size 2 or less Quartet Five. That spell is as close to perfect as you can get, so you can look forward to Quartet Five being even better in the future.

Rampage Blaster!
Has Blaster in name > MLB!
Rampage Blaster! is the Superhero Impact, tied to the ridiculously over-statted Rampage Sonic. The conditions are pretty simple: be Transform in Rampage Sonic and your opponent has 3 life or less. Deal 3 damage for 2 gauge. Cheap way to guarantee game when you're still a little bit off from that final blow. These 2 gauge for 3 damage Impacts are really great if you can manage to meet the conditions, and Rampage Blaster! has the easiest condition yet.

Hero Hunter, Sieben. I'll clarify his ability: you pay 1 gauge on attack, every time. If you attempt to attack with 1 gauge, you'll pay it out. If you attempt to attack with no gauge, you don't pay anything but your attack still goes through - after all, there's no clause saying that the attack stops if you can't pay.

Hero Climax!
Climax Step!
Last but not least, Hero Climax! shows off the best of what Superheroes can pull off. If your Superheroes destroy two or more monsters via attacks, you can cast Hero Climax! to gain 2 life and restand your Item - once per turn. Since Superheroes has pretty good field clear options (think Lightning Chaser), Hero Climax! gives you the ability to output more damage while maintaining some life advantage. Hero Climax is worst with Takochuu, but works pretty damn well with both Captain Answer and Rampage Sonic.

I almost forgot! There's two Decker Drums in Superhero, one rare and the other a PR. The PR one is the better, being able to pay 2 gauge to pop either a weapon or all Size 1s. The versatility is great, but the raw field clear against Size 1 based decks is unbelievable.

Emergency Launch! Decker Drum
Emergency Launch! Decker Drum is a seriously good card that works with a bunch of different cards to shuffle advantage around and wreak havoc on your opponent. A Size 2 with 6000/2/4000 is understatted by 2000 defense, and another 1 gauge call cost makes Emergency Launch a -1 on play. And then, a link attack? That's another -1. So we're digging ourselves in a pretty deep hole from the get-go. But then, you're allowed to choose a card to restand, just like Tetsuya. After that, if you restood yourself, you can ping your opponent for 1 direct damage. -2 for +1.75 - not bad, considering that -2000 defense is only soft advantage anyways. Essentially Emergency Launch gives Superheroes a way to punch through something huge in the center and get good tradeoffs afterwards. It doesn't gain advantage like Tetsuya, but it's a good way to get around stuff like Dragoenergy and stuff. You can also use it to force negates from your opponent when linking an open center.

The main problem with Emergency Launch is that it costs too much going in for a card that can get spell removed very easily. Hero World has little ways to recuperate such losses so you definitely have to play conservatively with over-the-top effects like this.

Red Warrior, Road Blader
If you don't want to use Rampage Sonic or you want to go for a bit more control, Red Warrior, Road Blader is probably a better alternative for guaranteed investments. 2 gauge for 5000/2/5000 is already amazing, that's 1 gauge for +5000 defense from a normal 5000/2 weapon. But when it comes into play, you can pop a monster no questions asked? That's like, cheating. Seriously. Even if you can't Transform into Road Blader, you can play him for 2 gauge and still get the pop off, trading one-for-one easily. I've never seen a freer +1.75 that's also a wash when played unoptimally. Winning has never been so easy.

Road Blader is great with the new Impact, Emergency Trans! that allows you to minus like a retard. I'm serious. Emergency Trans! itself is a travesty, -1 gauge, -1 Impact from hand, -1 card on field in order to perform the greatest action in all of history: a wash. Playing a card from hand. Wao. But it's the real deal, because using it with Road Blader gives that pay 2 gauge to pop something a Counter timing. And that's where this Impact really shines - by being able to leverage the defense and on-play effects of Transformed cards in Counter timings. I mean, Road Blader already plusses like mad so getting hit by Emergency Trans' minus isn't that terrible when you can Counter pop something and get a +1 from a negated attack.

White Valor, Lord Takuto
You get power!
White Valor, Lord Takuto is an on-field version of Set spells that exist for other worlds. He gives all Transform and Ride keyword cards +1000/1000, which is pretty nice for stuff like Road Blader becoming stupidly 6000/6000 and the like. Obviously, being on the field means that he's liable to get rekt but you can use that to your advantage - your opponent kinda has to kill Takuto or deal with 6000 defense on Road Blader so they'll waste an attack or two on him. So he sorta acts like an extra negate when you think about it. Pretty nice considering we only have 4 so far.

Dragon Barrier for Superheros. That, my friend, is an Afterimage. Being able to use this card to save stuff like Gunvellz which is amazing. You're also allowed to save anything with a Superhero - which includes your Transformed "Item".

Captain Answer Final Mode
This isn't even my final...oh wait,
it is
Captain Answer gets a new "Final Mode" evolution that makes him...well, a lot better. Same 2 gauge Transform cost but for significantly improved stats, 8000/2/5000. You can call him for an extra gauge, but being a Size 3 with crappy stats isn't that good. His ability is near identical to the original Answer's: pay 1 gauge, and guess spell or monster. If you guess correctly, you get Double Attack - but Final Mode also allows you to destroy a monster, a +1 from the old effect. So Captain Answer was bad, but maybe Final Mode makes him playable again?

Surprisingly, still no. As improved as he is, Final Mode still forces you to hemorrhage gauge and resources for not-guaranteed effects. And while Captain Answer was possibly a good card to call, Final Mode can't ever be called in good conscience. I think I would still rather have a guaranteed destruction from Road Blader than Answer gimmicks.

You can, however, build a deck with 8 Captain Answer and nothing but spells to get the most out of 1 gauge every turn. Kinda like the Sitri cheese deck in Magic World.

Rescue Dragon, Justice Drum
Too many hero Drums...
Rescue Dragon, Justice Drum pushes Size 2 pressure to the limits. He's setting himself up for failure from the get-go: 5000 defense, 1 gauge call cost, no Soulguard or protection ability. Ready to be popped with Death Grip, Pillar of Fire, or other removal and made completely irrelevant. But if, and this is such an iffy thing, Justice Drum ever gets an attack in...Dragonic Overlord time. Restand. For every monster attacked and destroyed. Restand. The ride never ends. It's so polar, how good and how bad this card is. On one hand, it wins you the game single-handedly with attack after attack, allowing you to Hero Climax with ease and sweep. On the other hand, any single counter or negate will just shank this dragon into uselessness. It's not even like Demios who has fallbacks and safety nets so you don't lose resources. Drum just simply fizzles if he's blocked.

It's a make or break card and highly situational, which means I strongly dislike it. That being said, it is a card that can win games, so smart play and awareness (this is definitely a tech 1-of at most) can make this a game-changer.

Rescue Dragon Leader, Immortal Spirit
I never die
Justice Drum also hearkens a new archetype for Hero World Superheroes: Rescue Dragons. Part Dragon and part Superhero, these metallic lizards are enlisted beside robots and officers to protect justice. Or something like that. There were a few cards before, but this is the first time they've come en masse, and with archetype-specific effects.

Anyways, if you ever felt like drawing more cards than you knew what to do with, Rescue Dragon Leader, Immortal Spirit is a cool card to play with. 2 gauge for 1 crit Double Attack. Weak, but not when every monster destroyed nets you a +1. Make sure you dodge Pillar of Fire and you basically get a pay 2 gauge draw 2 cards monster. That also triggers Hero Climax far too easily.

Rescue Dragon, Forcearms
But the better Size 3 is definitely Forcearms. Forcearms is so scary. 8000/2/7000 is a mere 1000 defense below Gunvellz with identical effects, but Forcearms can Act grab a soul from the drop zone every single turn. If your opponent can't immediately kill it, it's staying on your field forever. More or less. Having 7000 defense is formidable and will help you tank quite easily alongside the plethora of protection spells Superhero has. With Takosuke, you can afford to keep burning your opponent as your Forcearms soaks up all their attacks. His only real weakness is to Penetrate. Everything else is easy candy.

Rescue Dragon, Dragoschoebel
I'm here to help! Die!
Dragschoebel is not fair. 1 gauge on-play destroy a Size 2 or lower is already undercosted. But being able to ping 1 damage for free on top of that if you're Transformed is just not fair at all. It's like a mini-Graybard. But unlike Graybard, you can grab it back with Rescue Dragon, Transmission. Pay 1 gauge and 1 life to grab any Rescue Dragon from your drop on-play, including Transmissions. But Dragschoebel is a much better target, since you can call it immediately for removal and damage.

More Rescue Dragons. Northern Bard gives all your Rescue Dragons Move if you have 2 or more Rescue Dragon monsters. Project Gunner turns any card in your hand into on-turn DragCharge if you are Transform. Erase Flare destroys spells, though if you want to bypass anti-destruction effects you can use Seven Ranger, the PR. Doctor Aid gives you life once a turn when you kill something. Nightstalker is a Size 0. Overall, we see a strong, solid archetype with a good assortment of support and tools. Typical Bushiroad Dragon fare.

Gaigrander 01
Fire Red
But there's actually another archetype in Superheroes exclusively...kinda. Gaigrander series is mostly Item-focused, swapping between different forms like Equipment Change. Each form has an effect for the circumstance, and switching between them correctly makes the deck function better. At least that was the idea behind Equipment Change, but pretty soon Bushiroad realized that holding onto so many dead cards does not make for a good gameplan. So Gaigrander actually has a more unique effect that makes them work fundamentally better: swapping into the deck.

Gaigrander 01. Transform cost is 1 gauge and the ability to return up to one Gaigrander you are Transform into back to your hand. The keyword is up to one, since Gaigrander 01 is actually the only Gaigrander you can Transform into initially. This pseudo Equipment Change helps you not minus hand when you're swapping between Gaigrander forms. His second effect allows you to pay 2 gauge as an Act ability to search your deck for a Gaigrander and add it to your hand. A good plussing mechanic if anything, and sets up the combo with just a single card.

Gaigrander, "Finish Form"
Finish him!
Oh no, my opponent is attacking me! During your opponent's attack phase, you can Counter Transform (cough cough Prydwen) into Gaigrander, "Analyze Form" to get a nice 6000 defense Item. You pay 1 gauge for this and you return your previously Transformed Gaigrander to hand. Note that if you don't have a Gaigrander Transform, then you can't Transform into "Analyze Form". It's not amazing, but it certainly threatens to block weak attacks, forcing links that you can negate.

On your turn, you want something more aggressive, so you can Transform into Gaigrander, "Finish Form" as a Counter during your attack phase. Doing so not only restands your Gaigrander, giving you an extra attack, but also nets a 6000/3 Item with Penetrate attached. Meaning your first Item attack can be to clear a monster, then Counter Transform for Penetrate, Hero Climax into another 6000/3 Penetrate blow. Quite powerful for a single turn, and that's not even including an Impact. It's very feasible that OTKs will happen with good Gaigrander plays.

Finally, we have Gaigrander 02, the only one meant to be called (you can call the others but they're pretty expensive). With a 1 gauge call cost and an on-play effect to tutor for a Gaigrander, this card pretty much ties in the Gaigrander lineup and allows you to effectively run something like 4/1/1, since you have 8 cards that can grab either 1-of "Analyze" or "Finish". 

Fiery Inspector, Prominence Burst
I'm getting heated up
But let's say you don't want to devote 10 cards to a strong weapon lineup that's versatile but a bit clunky. Let's say you just want something that hits hard and strong right out of the box. Well, Rampage Sonic and Road Blader have always been good options, but they're now competing with Fiery Inspector, Prominence Burst. 5000/2/4000 for 1 gauge is great, but Prominence Burst gains an extra crit for every monster destroyed by a Superhero monster attack. Meaning you can possibly get this guy up to 5 crit if you destroy a full field (or just chew up a monster that has Soulguard). That's scary, especially in a world with a spell negate.

Superior Justice Driver!
All the damage!
And Prominence Burst even has an associated Impact synergy, just like Rampage Sonic. Although Superior Justice Driver! is splashable with any Transform, it works best with Prominence Burst and can be cast regardless of your opponent's life, allowing you to use it for quick bursts of damage.

Cyber Police, Commander Gale gives all Superhero on-field +1000 power - including your Transform Item. He also charges gauge whenever a mosnter is destroyed by a Superhero attack. Good card. Grand RuLer, Silbarrier is one of those on-play 1 gauge draw a card if you have condition cards. The condition is easy - be in Transform. So between Gale and Silbarrier, Superheroes now have a good resource engine within their monsters as well.

I've Come Back to Take You Down recycles any Superhero for 1 gauge. Pay an extra if you aren't breathing (aka Transform).

It's Here, the NEW Suit! gives a Superhero +2000/2000 (but no Counterattack). It gives the card you are Transform into +4000/4000, so basically treat it as a negate if you are being attacked.

Captain Answer, "Overlord"
The final answer? (Probably not)
Captain Answer, "Overlord" is the third iteration on Answer, and they've improved him yet again. Same 8000/2/5000 as "Final Mode", but the ability has drastically changed. 1: They removed the activation cost. 2: You mill your opponent, not yourself. 3: If it's a monster, you get Double Attack. If it's a spell, you can pay 1 gauge to destroy a monster or item. So no more guessing! Of course, if its an item or an Impact then you get nothing, but at least you didn't have to pay anything to activate the effect. Overlord is the first playable version of Answer that actually does good things. Finally. Round of applause for Buddyfight developers.

Blue Valor, Lord Lancer introduces Counter timing Transform in a new way. He's really useful if your Ride/Transform suddenly gets nuked and your opponent wants to hit you with a 2000 power or less attack. But otherwise? I don't think he's that great. Maybe if he was a Size 1 with slightly more compromised stats so he wouldn't be a dead card.

- updated to H-BT04, CP01, H-EB04, H-TD02, H-PP01 -

All images used obtained from the official Bushiroad website and used here solely for reference purposes. Future Card Buddyfight!, logos, and respective content belong to Bushiroad. Large images belong to the Buddyfight! Wikia.


  1. "I am the bone of my buddy..."

    Thanks for the article Blaise. I'm personally looking forward to getting my Takosuke. Any suggestions to how to build around it? I was thinking at the moment to use the Quartet cards with it.

    1. Takosuke's a bit dangerous atm because 1-crit is pretty meh, his defense is almost irrelevant, even if you restand him with Hero Climax he's not really worth, and we don't have enough Move to protect the center slot.

      Takosuke works well in control-Superheroes, using the most of Solarpanelman alongside ever Counter spell we have available right now. Also, your win condition would be Winning Formula.

  2. The heck. I didn't expect to be so insulted a few lines into the article. I can stand jabs at characters that I kind of like, but as a person who is autistic, or at least under the umbrella term Autism like me, that hurt deep. Would you please consider changing it to something less scathing, at least for an occasional reader like myself?

    1. I'm sorry that those words offended you; however, they weren't meant to be directed at autistic people, or retarded people, or even slightly stupid people - I'm just bashing on Emiya Shirou, who qualifies more than enough in every category above.

      So I'll apologize for the real crime of my words: for grouping autistic people in the same boat as Emiya Shirou. I'm really sorry. If you took that message as a direct translation of the line "You should go kill yourself", then you're completely in the right. Emiya Shirou doesn't even deserve to be graced with the label of autism - I see now that autism is yet a plane of thought too high for that poor soul to reach. I'll reprhase my words.

      Seriously though, autism is such an umbrella term for various levels of social incompetency that there should be no shame in being called autistic. I just double-checked the autism checklist and - hey, guess what - I more than qualify. Every NEET qualifies by definition. Please don't be too offended.

    2. Nah I understand. It's just that Autism, the has been used so many times over the course of my life to denote that a person is one step up from being put in a zoo. Mind you most of this ignorance is from middle school (known to many as the worst years of a student's life... before they graduate from Grade school) but that does not make me any less sensitive to it.

      Now I don't usually bring this topic up because I don't want to be a internet crusader who doesn't talk about this stuff in real life, or open my mail to trolls, but I thought this blog was worth speaking up to. I mean I can see you are an intelligent person/various anime characters, so I felt that you would be understanding. I thank you for proving me right.

  3. Actually... Now that I reread the first few sentences I thought this.

  4. Any thoughts on White Valor, Lord Takuto? I been using 4 of her in my deck (think its a girl) still not played enuff to see if its really good or not, your opinion would be most helpful master!

    1. Eh, I'd use the set spell clone of that but yeah, it works.

    2. Oh I forgot about that card lol

    3. Funny how you did, since that 1k to "you" is really useful :P

    4. sadly the set spell isn't available in English as of now...

  5. Yo, BlaZ, it's Kota. Quick question. I only just finally noticed you updated this page like, a month ago, and I read through what you said about Gaigrander stuff, but you didn't mention how good the cards are or aren't. I personally like them so much, I made Gaigrander 01 my buddy/item of choice, but I'd like to hear what the math says about them and what you think of them. If I understand the math as well as I think I do... 01 is a +3000 stats bonus (4/2/1 for 1 gauge would equate to a 5/2 item), with an ACT that washes out, but significantly increases your ability to make use of the other cards in the group. 02 is 2k stats lower than vanilla standards, which makes its 1 gauge cost effectively a wash with its effect. Analyze Form is a +4k stats bonus, made up for by the significant cost of returning a Gaigrander to hand, which puts him as a plain wash, and Finish Form is a +6k stats bonus, 4k of which is made up for by the transform cost, and free penetrate on top... Also, the free Counter Transform on both Analyze Form and Finish Form is value... So, if I'm right, the math says good, but costly, which means dedicating a lot to gauge building, and probably some That is an Afterimage to protect your important pieces, right? Most people wouldn't play it because of the costly part... Maybe I'm just ranting, but I do really want to hear what you think, BlaZ. Is Gaigrander worth playing in any sort of competitive play, or is it a terrible card that I should feel bad for running?

    1. its great to see another player using gaigrander :D i love my gaigrander deck so far, ive been finding ways to ramp up gauge, mainly the rescue dragon size 1 (discard from hand = 2 guage), the commander size 1 (atkdestroy = 1 guage), the usual call brave machine + hyper energy combo, and even the darkhero that gives +1 gauge when you call him. the best part is pulling off multiple attacks due to the counter-impact that allows you to equip during battle. i still think it needs a lot of work to be competitive but man it sure is fun and can hold its own thanks to gaigrander pluses.

    2. Emergency Trans! only works with Road Blader and 01 in the deck, so I chose to go for Hero's Climax and Superior Justice Driver; a deck focused on clearing my opponent's field every turn and STILL swinging for damage. I chose to use 3 copies of Finish Form (I regularly leave a Finish Form on my field, swing for 3, and then Crimson Spin into a second Finish Form), 2 Analyze Form, buddied 01, run 4 02... I don't use Call, Super Machine!, and I run 3 Hyper Energy and 4 Projet Gunner. 4 Commander Gale as well. 3 Road Blader for field clearance (hits Size 3's, so I prefer it over Dragoshoebel)... Let's not forget that you can counter transform into Analyze Form right after the move timing, before any battles begin. Him + Justice Will Prevail! (at 4 in the deck) is awesome, and stops all but the highest powered attacks. SilBarrier and It's About Time I Got Serious! at 3 each for some decent draw power, and I've had a hard time not being online in my testing. The deck owns, without a doubt. You protect Commander Gale with everything you've got, though, because that +1k power is insanely good. I haven't had a problem with gauge accel. Really, get it once or twice and you're good for the game, although more can lead into impacts going faster. Gaigrander is basically "Gimme another attack".dek, which I like about it. My monsters support me, I swing a minimum of twice a turn... in addition to my monsters... Gaigrander's everything I could possibly ask for in a buddy. Now we just need a Gaigrander 03 as a size 1, something that contributes to the deck in a non-searchy way, and maybe an impact or a support spell or two... Oh, and maybe 1 more form... But eh, I digress.

    3. oh yeah good catch on the emergency trans :D, ive totally been using it wrong, but then again those were casual practice games with a friend... guess its time to switch impacts.

    4. ive been addicted to putting call super machine in all my hero decks, because it can search hyper energy or the moving size 1 or commander gale. but thats just my preference. i only have 3 road blader and i agree he's boss.

    5. I prefer not to spend the $20 apiece for Call, Super Machine! when the deck works just fine without it. I don't own or intend to run Mach Braver in this deck, as the deck is perfectly adept at defending better than he does without him. Analyze Form's 6000 Defense is a perfect target for Justice Will Prevail!, and will kill a thing with 6000 Defense or lower in the process. Searching Commander Gale would be okay, but I find I have him often enough it's not important. And I didn't realize he was a Brave Machine.