Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quartet Five

Let me give you some backstory.

There were a group of people. Unemployed. Wandering around the streets of urban Saitama, without food or shelter. Desperately trying to get odd jobs here and there to keep themselves alive. They laughed together, cried together, got mad at each other, relied on each other. They developed close bonds and swore that they would find a way to get out of their dire straits, together.

Then one guy decided they should start a hero show.

They tried the idea out with three guys. Since they were all ex-chuunibyou and high-school dropouts, they named the show Quartet Five. An English name in Japan. With the letter "Q" in the name, which must be super radical. They made costumes out of rags, they went dumpster-hunting for scraps to build robots out of. They started small. Their first showing only attracted some kindergartners playing at a nearby park. But they didn't give up. Soon, those kindergartners started bringing their parents. They would catch the glances of pedestrians and shop owners. People started gathering around as they set up their stage. Their posters drew in more and more people.

Now, they are a major attraction in Saitama and the locals love them. They were recently featured in the prefecture news, and their story has been recounted as one of the amazing success stories of the century. But they take it in stride, with their humble origins, and they congratulate their success not on talent or ability, but on the bonds that they've developed.

I just made that all up.

Combitrooper, Dziem
10! Ready or not, here I
Quartet Five is not a real archetype, but they got the single best Transform card released so I thought I might as well do an article on them. Basically, Dziem-or-die. Combitrooper, Dziem is a 9000/3/7000 item that you can Transform for 2 gauge. Note that you have to bounce back whatever Quartet Five you were Transform into before as part of the cost, which is not a real issue since you get the card back. With disgustingly good stats, Dziem basically mandates your opponents' link attacks - but Dziem also has a damage reduction ability. Any time you would take more than 3 damage, it gets reduced to 3. Not as good as Goldritter's, but Dziem has a much easier condition to fulfill. If that was it, Dziem would already be great, but Dziem also packs on-turn destruction in his Act ability. You can discard a Quartet Five from your hand to destroy a Size 2 or less monster on the field, all but guaranteeing that Dziem will be swinging that 3-crit to face.

The other Quartet Five monsters are nothing much to talk about - Transforms and vanillas. This isn't a bad thing though, Hero World's vanillas have great stats and every Quartet Five is also a removal spell in hand. You also have access to Mathematics, a Size 3 Brave Machine with Double Attack and a surprisingly inexpensive call cost. Of course, you don't want to call him to center so what you actually do is call two Quartet Five, Transform a Quartet Five, meet his requirements, and only give him 2 soul. Call him to the side for a perpetual 10000/2 Double Attack that your opponent has to work to get rid of.

New Program! 3-Man Squad Quartet Five
There's at least 10
The last card that makes Quartet Five potentially very dangerous is New Program! 3-Man Squad Quartet Five. This is a 1-for-1 tutor spell for any Size 2 or less Quartet Five. Now, there aren't any good targets right now but the fact that the card states Size 2 implies further support in the future. Having 1-for-1 tutor in any deck is pretty ridiculous, and this spell doesn't even cost gauge.

- updated to H-BT02, CP01, H-EB02, H-TD02, PP01 -

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  1. Blaise, please tell me you played Chroma Squad before you wrote this. Please. The beginning of your article is literally the premise of that game.

    1. Almost literally* Great read though, and as I've mentioned before I'm sincerely hoping that Q5 can evolve past the size 1 rush archetype that they are now.

  2. Mathematics' cost forces you to put all Q5s on the field into the soul, though, so you have to put the Transformed Q5 into the soul as well, although nothing prevents you from Transforming into another one afterwards.

    1. Mathematics only absorbs monsters. Since a card you are Transform into is considered an item, it stays where it is, whether you want it in Mathematics' soul or not.
      However, an equipped Transform card keeps its attributes, so it will count towards the "3 Q5s on your field" requirement.

    2. yep, its easier to call mathematics while transformed, only bad side being he gets 1 less soul, but hey Dziem and mathematics together is basically GG