Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes or No: Common Buddyfight Misconceptions

I've been working on updating my Detailed Buddyfight Flowchart ever since Bushiroad updated theirs in November. While they made no drastic changes to the actual rules of the game, they did clarify certain aspects of the game that bothered a lot of veteran players (face-down soul, size ruling, etc). It was a good exercise to go back and refamiliarize myself with the inner workings of the game.
Consider the following Megumi
It also reminded me that there are some quirks of the game that people just keep getting wrong. There's a lot of intricacy with the way Buddyfight words things, and it takes a well-trained eye to catch all the details. For this article, I'll be running a sort of quiz-show and allowing readers to answer "Yes or No" to some common misconceptions floating around in the game.

By the way, the Detailed Buddyfight Flowchart is updated. You can find it on this page and use it as a reference.

Without further ado...let the game begin!
No Game No Life Tet
Rule #2: All conflict in this world will be resolved through games~
Yes or No: Effect targets are decided upon resolution

Yes or No: You can activate Demon Lord, Asmodai's effect but do nothing

Yes or No: You can't prevent Electron Ninja, Shiden from using his ability with Counter destruction

Yes or No: You can cast Dragobond and then Move to the center both in the Attack Phase

Yes or No: You can cast White Dragon Shield during the "deals damage" Play Timing to reduce damage

Hope these little tidbits of information were useful or eye-opening. It gives a glimpse of just how spectacularly intricate Buddyfight can actually be as a game...and how players can take advantage of certain feedback loops to work the system in their favor.

All images were used obtained from the official Bushiroad website and used here solely for reference purposes. Future Card Buddyfight!, logos, and respective content belong to Bushiroad. Large images belong to the Buddyfight! Wikia.


  1. That's really usefull, i was askin myself those questions

  2. I was under the impression that, similar to other games (MTG and YGO in particular) a phase could only end once both players agreed they had no more plays they want to make, similar to the concept of "passing priority".

    Is that not the case? Does the game become a race to say "attack phase" before your opponent thinks to drop their Dragobond? That sounds like a recipe for arguments everywhere.

    1. No, it's the same as MTG or YGO. However, if you say "Begin Attack Phase" and your opponent both acknowledges it and tries to Dragobond then it's not legal.

      This is important because after your opponent's Dragobond, Play Timing resets in your favor (in Main Phase), allowing the turn player to make Main Phase actions in response.

    2. Ah good, so the usual common sense applies as per Formula Synchron etc.

      The crucial part is knowing that you can halt your opponent, when they say "Begin Attack Phase" to drop your Dragobond before the end of the main phase, which they can choose to continue or not.

  3. Oh god, that Dragobond "ruling". I need to show this to my friend who (ab)uses Thunder Knights ASAP.

  4. Might as well ask a clarifying question.

    Is it possible to respond to an Impact with Shield of Achilles, and then when you take the damage, use Prydwen to reduce the damage further by 2? Like, if they cast Slow Pain Fall, can you use those two together to reduce the damage by 4?

    And is this also possible during battle, say Nobunaga or Arthur/Gawain link with Penetrate?

    1. Nope. That's what question 5 was all about. You get 1 counter and 1 chance to reduce damage in battle. Both Prydwen and Shield of Achilles have the same timing to be used. Once you activate one, you cannot activate another, and there is no later time to use those effects.

    2. And this is even if Prydwen is already equipped?

  5. Bookmarked for TCO games. Funny enough, other then asmodai's one, i got all of these wrong simply out of not understanding the question properly (or just the case of not knowing shiden's wording).

  6. Oh DUDE, I have a friend who plays Asmodai. Next time I'm totally abusing this rule when I borrow his deck.

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