Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Underappreciation of Typical Glasses-wearing Male Side Character (Overview)

This is relevant.

If you've ever thought that the archetypes you've played lacked support in any way, be it draw, gauge, removal, control, or otherwise pure gimmicks, don't forget that there's a complete extension of your dataset found here.

We're neglected, but it doesn't mean we're useless.

Buddy Help
Bro halp
Buddy Help. It's a -0.5 mathematically, but it can be used in any deck without restriction. Heck, it doesn't even have a once per turn restriction, although I struggle to think about a deck that's willing to drop 6 gauge in a single turn for drawing 2 cards. Useful for decks that can gain gauge without problem but lack hand. Like Thunder Formation decks, if those still exist. And any Legend World deck that runs Rune Staff and Zlatorog. Also, Dungeon Mixed decks that run Messiah, Orser KleinzAlcsbane, and One Gauge Demon. These decks are part of archetypes (Dragon, Legend, Dungeon) that have historically bad card engine spells, so Buddy Help can lend a hand for now until we get better spells.

You can also run it in Ancient because Rise and Fall is a thing. The same can be said for Art decks that run Overstand.

Buddy Charge
Ramp up!
Buddy Charge. This is a wash, but a very situational wash. If you don't have your Buddy on the field, then you only get +1 gauge and a -0.5 minus. There's much fewer decks that can make good use of this card, but Size 3 Dungeon Enemies comes to mind as the premier user. Their Size 3's like Meteor Rain, Red Arrogant, and Fluud have good staying power but the archetype as a whole lacks reliable gauge ramp outside of...Smile Charm. So Buddy Charge is an option.

Chessenergy and Fortune Shield are Generic Counterattack-giffing spells. Fortune Shield is free and also gives +2000 defense, so it's used prevalently in decks that lack Counterattack spells or would like a few more (Deep, Raging Spirits, Dungeon Enemies, and Hundred Demons to name a few). Chessenergy is even more intriguing: it costs 2 gauge and only gives +1000/1000 in addition, but the stat bonus and the Counterattack last for the whole turn. Yeah. If your opponent misreads, that's extra minuses their taking. And for the smart ones that do, you can still viably negate the rest of their attack phase. Pretty interesting.

Ultimate Buddy!
Battlefield Military Band is used specifically in Duel Dragons so that Demongodol Ark can hit relevant power levels so Counterattack can basically wreck anything and everything.

Both Destruction and Neutralize are specific removal cards that either target items or spells on the field. The -1 hurts, but hey, the cost is discard a card? Some decks can really take advantage of that, like Legend World. Others don't mind the extra minus, especially if you're going to Grimoire right after, and it's nice keeping that gauge in tight situations.

Ultimate Buddy. This card is actually really good. Giving Soulguard to any monster is insane, especially if that card can get soul but not Soulguard (Inferno Armor Dragon, Marshal Fortress). The extra 5000 is also huge if they pack Penetrate, and helps keep the monster alive through Dragoenergy attempts. As I've said previously, Ultimate Buddy rewards players who choose very high card quality buddies with extra enhanced copies of the card.

Celtic Cross Spread
What will your fate be?
But really, Ultimate Marshal is where it's at.

Burning Bow, the only item that can attack over the center that everybody can use. Don't make an excuse if you want it because if you do, better pay up for it. Usually too expensive, and the decks that really needed one (Legend) got it already. Still usable in Ancient World to some degree.

Gambit gives every World access to a bounce effect, and a mass one at that. There's some very interesting gimmicks you can pull with this and certain on-call abilities, like ramping huge with Zlatarog and other on-call abilities. Just don't forget the minus, and remember to find a way to recoup it (like using it before Grimoire).

Damage Control
I can't feel a thing
Celtic Cross Spread is a situational minus, but it gets you back any Size 2 or lower <Generic> monster from your drop zone. This is pretty important for decks that want to reuse multiple copies of said card but can't do anything once it hits the drop. Good Generic targets? Well, High Priestess is a good wall and Emperor is a good card in general. I think this has even better application in Battle Deity Robos when it can get back Search Whale.

Damage Control is calculated as a minus, though the ability to turn every card in your hand into a White Dragon Shield requires some evaluating. This card is pretty insane in Legend World, where you can drop Astralkus on your opponent's turn and call him to the center. But even in other worlds, this is a good defensive card for playing on the ropes, as long as you can replenish your hand quickly afterwards (through Grimore - this is a common trend, if you haven't noticed). The same can be said for Operation Restraint, more or less.

Disturb gives every World access to a more expensive Snake Gaze, which I think is perfectly fine if broken Size 2 Multi-Attackers becomes a meta call.

Barbed Wire is the ultimate anti-weapon. Along with the Mass Soldier hand trap, Generic provides really good answers to Items in general.

- updated to H-BT03, CP01, H-EB03, H-TD02, PP01 -

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  1. Yay! Generic stuff!

    Anyway thaaaaank you for mentioning Buddy Help right there. I found it soo useful in majority of my decks and they're in the end ignored ;(

  2. Celtic Cross Spread only works with Generic monsters.

    1. Uh, no?

      ■[Cast Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
      ■ Call a size 2 or less monster from your drop zone by paying its [Call Cost] .

    2. David's right, size 2 or less Generic monster.

      Apparently, if you put the word Generic in arrow brackets the text disappears.
      Bushi must've made the same mistake, which is why it's wrong on their site.

    3. Bummer, my apologies then, couldn't read the card text itself from the smartphone.

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  4. Damage Control is also great for mitigating Life Link during the opponents turn. Not a bad tech for penetration susceptible decks, and against cheese like Greybard and other burn effects. Especially if the deck doesn't have access to damage reducing cards. Additionally, its not one use, so its there when you NEED to play it