Monday, June 30, 2014

Links to Good Resources

As much as I would love to explain game theory, Nash Equilibrium, probability theory, and the whole slew of different statistical applications to trading card games on a whole, there's a bit of an issue. To put it straight, I'm a newcomer into the blog writing scene. There are others who have come before me who have written more and better than what I could possibly do in my own time. I certainly don't want to compete for article real estate, and whatever I have to add is minimal at best. Instead of being caught for some flavor of plagiarism, I'd much rather link to these wonderful blog writers and give credit to where credit is due.

Of course, since I'm one of the few blog writers currently tracking Buddyfight, it means that whatever isn't general trading card game information or mechanics and is more Buddyfight-specific I can safely write about under my domain. So if you think that this blog is going to be a relative snoozefest of boring and simple reviews then you've got another one coming! Who wants an article on Cournot Oligopoly in regard to field control?

Please give the following blogs and their authors much respect! They've all done their fair share of hard work, math, and testing, and their articles are second to none.
Tensai writing
*Already working on the next article*
Alice runs V-Mundi, a fantastic website geared towards the game Cardfight!! Vanguard. While her Vanguard material may be the source of heavy fire and controversy, her articles on Game Theory and Chance are not. They are wonderful condensations of the stuff you'd learn at college-level Game Theory classes, so I highly recommend you read those in particular!

Math is heavy with TehNACHO at thunkofcardgames, where he runs many calculations to determine Vanguard ratios and probabilities. I'll probably do something similar for Buddyfight, but you can also look at his other material for an idea of the mathematically correct perspective to trading card games. He also, interestingly, wrote an article on Buddyfight as well.

Side For One is a Weiss Schwarz blog that does reviews on the latest sets out of Japan. They also have an array of good discussion regarding Weiss strategies, which applies to Buddyfight more so than Vanguard (none of the Assist/Backup business though). Continuing the Weiss train, The 9th CX is another fantastic site to check. And finally, I have to personally recommend Burn One, a blog authored by a respected friend and renowned Weiss player.

Finally, because Yugioh is also rather similar to Buddyfight, I'm linking the most professional-looking organized Yugioh blog I could find: Konami's Blog. There are many different writers, but I assume there is some sort of QC so the articles should all be sound.

Totally non-related to TCG, but I'm a big player of Japanese riichi mahjong. The concepts are very similar between mahjong and the average TCG when it comes to counting principles and dominant verses dominated strategies. The best mahjong blog I could find for western audiences is Osamuko's Japanese Mahjong Blog, so if you're interested you could check it out. I occasionally play on Tenhou, though I don't have much time to climb ladders.

If there is anything in any article that you have a question about, please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments. I'll try to explain any concept that might be confusing. Also, if there are other blogs that you think may be good resources/links here, please comment and I'll review/add them to the page. Many thanks!

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