Friday, November 7, 2014

Congratulations! Your Google AdSense application has been approved.

I'm pretty sure that this is just a one-sided joy though, because this means that you the reader have to endure some pretty crappy ads for the time being.
Jinrui Ad Fairies
Rest assured. AdSense is a pretty comprehensive program that allows me to control what kinds of ads show up, so over the course of time I'll be able to fine-tune the ad selection so that they won't actually display adware and other stuff. AdSense also improves with user views and impressions, so in due time the ads should stop showing stuff about "Win an iPad!" and instead be ads about...well, probably Buddyfight. And other video games/internet stuff.

More Jinrui Ad Fairies
In the meantime, here's how you can support my blog:

1. DON'T CLICK FISHY LOOKING ADS. I'm not responsible for your computer getting compromised with a virus. This is a tenant for the entire internet, and it applies here as well. Please, please don't be stupid.
2. Please whitelist my site if you are using an ad-blocker/remover. Every time an ad is shown to a user, I can make a bit of money so doing this helps me a lot in the long run. Especially since nobody is going to actually be clicking them.
3. Any Bushiroad ad is simply a hotlink to the respective official website. Please click them if you see them! Most of the ads are safe as well, and they lead to the homepage of their respective company/game website.
4. Keep reading my blog!

Now that this blog is actually worth something more than a personal project and community service, I might be thinking of doing some major updates to this site. Is anyone interested in a "What World are you?" kind of survey that helps new players find Worlds that fit well with their playstyle and personality? Very similar to the "What Clan are you?" found on V-mundi, and that one's pretty accurate (I got Bermuda Triangle).
A Lot More Jinrui Ad Fairies
You can be sure they'll be more articles, decklists, and stuff coming your way in the future.

Thanks for all the support!

This page also has very little to do with Future Card Buddyfight. You guys should watch Jinrui wa Suita Shimashita, aka Humanity Has Declined. It's a pretty good show and very reflective of the fate of mankind. Also Watashi is best girl.


  1. turned off ad block because you worth it

  2. I'd hold off on the survey/quiz thing until you've got at least overviews up for each world.